14 May 2006

I Know You, Do You Know Me?

I feel like I make a great effort to get to know, and REALLY know the people I am around regularly. And even, some I only see from time to time. But I came to a realization tonight. I don't think they know me as well as I know them. I'm trying to figure out if it is because they don't want to work at or try to get to know me, or if I just put on that good of a front. I wonder. I think I NEED somebody to know me.

07 May 2006

Just another way God uses Starbucks!

No matter how evil you or I think Starbucks is, God uses it for AMAZING things!

Tonight, my Girls Bible Study girls and I were set to head to the Claire's Outlet, but called and found that it was closed. So, I suggested we go to Starbucks and use the giftcard I just received.

Well, the first thing God does is makes the total for 5 drinks EXACTLY $15--exactly the amount of the giftcard. How likely is that? For the next 20-30 minutes we just hung out, chatted, played checkers, spelled words we will never use in regular life (you know Starbucks is promoting a movie about the National Spelling Bee). Just before we were going to leave, the girl who had been sitting behind us, apparently doing schoolwork--a girl who smiled at me on our way in--said hello and asked me if she knew me from somewhere. I didn't recognize her right away, but she asked me if I had worked at Mt. Gilead. I told her "No, but I've been there." She then asked me my name and I asked her hers. Upon hearing her name, I knew immediately where we knew each other from. We had attended Vacation Bible School at Hessel Church in Sebastopol in junior high. That was over 10 YEARS AGO and she recognized me.

I am certain God was a part of this. She asked if we were a Bible Study and then asked where we go to church. She said she had just returned (two weeks ago) to her walk with Christ and was looking for a church in Petaluma. She will be coming next Sunday. God puts us exactly where he wants us, when he wants us to be there. I never ever expected him to use me/us in Starbucks today how he did. Honestly, I felt a little guilty about going to Starbucks instead of holding Bible Study and discussing the Bible. Instead, God had us living like Christ in Starbucks for one girl who needed to make a connection to a local church. God is ALWAYS in control (even when I think I am).

Thank you, Jesus, for using me in your timing and not mine.