20 April 2007

"I can't help..."

The following was posted on a Virginia Tech website set-up to receive condolences for the tragedy that befell them on April 16th:

..I don’t believe in any religion, but in this tragedy I can’t help saying “God bless”.

God bless you all and rest in peace.

And to all the victim’s families,
I am deeply sorry and sadden by your losses.


April 20, 2007, 12:06pm • Pa-ju city, South Korea

I was truly struck by this person's opening sentence. "I don't believe in any religion, but in this tragedy I can't help saying 'God bless.' " Even without the background of religion, this person senses and asks for God to bless. I know He will.

This person can't help saying "God bless." I just can't get over that phrase. It is powerful. God is powerful.

God shows himself in tragedy, in sorrow, in sympathy, in hope, in love, in nature, in literature, in art, in blogs, in music, in smiles, in tears, in phone calls and text messages, in weddings and funerals. I can't help but notice Him and recognize Him in every facet of my life. He is ever-present. Even if we don't say "God bless," He blesses. Even if we don't say His name, He listens. He knows our names and planned our lives to the final breath. He has given us purpose and direction. We just have to listen to His "still, small voice." He will lead us. He is faithful.

I can't help but think about the students, faculty, alumni, friends and family of Virginia Tech. I can't help but cry for the loss of life. I can't help but pray to God that He would send comfort and hope and Truth and love to those who grieve and recover from their loss. I can't help, but I know Someone who can.

"I can't help saying 'God Bless.' "

Today, we are ALL Hokies.