13 November 2006

Hundreds and HUNDREDS of Candles

So, last Sunday (the 5th), I turned the big 2-5! It was kind of low-key. I was in L.A. for a conference, so I got together with a few friends for dinner the night before and had lunch and dinner with some new friends on my actual birthday. It was great. I'd really been looking forward to 25. I just KNOW it's going to be wonderful. Well, the day before my b-day, I come to find out that one of the presenters at the conference, informed his audience that you are no longer cool after 24 (to teenagers). I was mortified (not really--I found it kind of amusing, and have since been told that this does not apply to me)! The second blow came when my 5 year-old nephew was reminiscing (this weekend) about helping me blow out my "hundreds and hundreds of candles!!!!" I have to face it, I'm getting old. And I LIKE IT!!!!