22 August 2006

Need a Job?

I had some circumstances, today, that required me to drive my mom to work this morning. As I drove back to the main street, I noticed a few gatherings of hispanic men along the road. It was a normal occurrence, but I had totally forgotten about it.
These men weren't causing trouble, but they were talking to each other and looked expectantly at EVERY car that passed them.
I used to drive down this street fairly often, and sometimes you would see some waiting into the afternoon. These men simply wait for somebody to hire them for the day, or even for a few hours. I've always wished I had a job to give them. I expect they are hard workers.
Today, I prayed as I passed them that God would provide for them and their families. And I thanked God for the desire they had in their hearts. As I continued on my way, I thought about a scene from Cinderella Man, set during the depression, where James Braddock (played by Russell Crowe), must stand and wait, every morning, to be picked (or not picked) to work that day. Every man standing there needed work, desired worked, and tried, how they could, to find work. But unfortunately, there weren't enough jobs to go around.
I feel a bit like I'm babbling, but felt like writing some of my thoughts from my head.
Thank you Jesus, for day laborers, for those who give them work and for the patient attitude they have in waiting on your provisions. May you bless them immensely. Amen.