01 June 2006

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Yesterday, I went to my parents' house for dinner with my sisters and their families. My sister, Heidi, and her family just arrived back into the area after a couple years in Alaska, a couple years in Oregon and the last year in Alabama (just across the border from Florida). Her husband's in the Coast Guard. Following is a conversation I heard between my niece, Cheyanne, who is six and her cousin--my nephew--Samuel, who is almost five.

Samuel: I'm almost done, Madison--I mean Cheyanne.

Cheyanne: Who's Madison?

Samuel: Madison is my friend from Alabama.

Cheyanne: What's Alabama?

Samuel: Alabama's the city I used to live in, but now we're moving to California--Actually I'm in California.

Cheyanne: Oh. OK!

I loved it.

This reminded me of an entry my mom showed me from her journal from when we moved out to California from Illinois. I was almost three. On the way here, we visited my grandparents in Kansas, my grandma asked me if I was moving to California. I said, "Yeah, but we're moving to Petaluma first." (Obviously because we were moving to Petaluma, California)

Fun stuff. Kids are great!