13 November 2006

Hundreds and HUNDREDS of Candles

So, last Sunday (the 5th), I turned the big 2-5! It was kind of low-key. I was in L.A. for a conference, so I got together with a few friends for dinner the night before and had lunch and dinner with some new friends on my actual birthday. It was great. I'd really been looking forward to 25. I just KNOW it's going to be wonderful. Well, the day before my b-day, I come to find out that one of the presenters at the conference, informed his audience that you are no longer cool after 24 (to teenagers). I was mortified (not really--I found it kind of amusing, and have since been told that this does not apply to me)! The second blow came when my 5 year-old nephew was reminiscing (this weekend) about helping me blow out my "hundreds and hundreds of candles!!!!" I have to face it, I'm getting old. And I LIKE IT!!!!

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Crissi said...

Oooh, happy belated birthday! You know what is so cool about being 25? You're officially an adult. Seriously. When you're 24, you're still in that post teenage stage when you think you know everything, and don't realize you still have so much to learn. At 25, you suddenly realize that you know NOTHING. Stay with me here, I do have a point. It is when you come to this realization that you suddenly know so much more than you did at 24 and before, and you gain that cool adult wisdom about you. I have heard so much advice about waiting until you're 25 until you do something life changing.

Oh, and something else? You now can drive a rental car, and you can be the adult in a permitted driver's car, all because you are 25. Congratulations!

One more thing, don't listen to that speaker. I would never go back to 24 or before if someone paid me to do it. 25 is much cooler, and a lot wiser!