10 March 2006

Doors are opening in North Korea!

I received the following email today at work. This is so exciting. I honestly don't know much about North Korea, but I know enough to know that this is a monumental occurrence.

North Korea Allows Foursquare Prayer Teams

The North Korean government has agreed to allow entry of up to 300 people at one time to pray over their nation and in their cities!

Rev. Dayoung Kimn, a Korean/American Foursquare leader and LIFE Pacific College graduate, is organizing prayer teams, a large conference, an English camp for students and various sports outreaches.

Rev. Kimn has done a great deal of work in China and has been sending supply containers into North Korea for the past two years. His petitions to the government were granted the first week of March, allowing ministry teams to enter the county for the 10 weeks between August 10th and October 10th.

Rev. Kimn is appealing to local Foursquare churches and individuals to pray for these outreaches and consider joining him in going to North Korea during this historic opportunity to reach a nation that has traditionally been closed to the gospel.

If you would like more information about how you or your church can be involved in a World Impact Team to North Korea please call Foursquare Missions at 888-635-4234 Ext. 4320 or email: teams@foursquare.org

So who wants to go with me? This would be friggin' amazing (Sorry--I don't usually use such "language," but I am really fired up about this)!!!

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