13 May 2005

Falling off the face of the earth

I promise, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. In fact I hope to see some of you tonight. Here's the scoop. I just got lazy (in the sense that I have not been devoted to my blog). I know you all miss me by the enormous amount of people commenting "where've you been?" Thanks Gina. Ooops, that was sarcastic and I am trying not to be sarcastic. Bad Liz.
Last night we had a Mother-Daughter Tea at church and since my mom is out of the country, I adopted one for the evening and had a great time. I did, however, have to sneak into the kitchen to find some good (flavored) tea. And after all the sugars I put in it, it tasted like hot koolaid. Mmm. Several others adopted mothers or daughters for the evening and I think everybody had a great time.
This morning I went to the park with a lady from my small group and we gave away bottled water and apples. There weren't as many people as there were a couple of weeks ago, but it was still a very awesome experience. I saw Anisa (whom I had met before) and she was there with her four children. And I spoke to her a little bit while her children played on the playground. It was very nice. Next, Galena (the lady from my small group) and I offered some apples and water to a couple who were sitting on some of the play equipment. There names were Henry and Sammy (an 18-yr old girl). Sammy told us a little about what she is going through right now. She thinks she is pregnant but most of the test are coming out negative even though she looks like she is. She says that she is having high stress levels and thinks that is what is causing the tests to read negative. They allowed us to pray with them. Several other people came by and I, again, spoke to John for about 20-30 minutes. He seemed happier than the last time I met him, but still had many things to complain about. He did remember me and asked if I was coming back. I told him I would do my best.
It is interesting, every time I head out to do this, I am discouraged-I just feel like not doing it, but the second I arrive I know I am there for a purpose, even if it is only to be somebody's bright moment in the day. Even if they don't accept what I am offering, at least I offered it. I think I get a little more bold every time. I really, truly look forward to the next time.
Lord Jesus, When you tell me to do something, Satan tries to tell me "don't." Thanks for making your voice a little bit louder. If it is your will, bring me back to these people as often as possible.


Crissi said...

I'll have you know, I visit here often, but get discouraged by the same post day after day. But today, yippee! A new post! No, I'm with you on the lazy blogging. My last post was really reaching, only because I don't blog as much. But I wanted to tell you that I really appreciated our talk today, and you are a really wonderful friend!

Liz J said...

Crissi, I was pretty sure that others missed me, and I know it would be lame if all the comments read, "Where are you Liz?" I, also enjoyed our talk tonight. I always do. You are such an amazing woman and I can tell you are being real (or transparent) with me. And I think that is hard to come by sometimes. Until next time.

Flip said...

Great to see you back on the blog Liz. That's really great that you went back to the park. How did you pick this park?

Liz J said...

Flip, We chose this park, because we wanted to meet people who would need some sort of sustenance. It is right next to the library and a short walk from the "kitchen," which is a place where people get free meals once a day. However, it wasn't only the "needy" that we met. Mothers bring their children to play on the playground, and more. I really, truly hope to develop relationships with some of the people there.

Danny said...

Perhaps I missed the memo but why are you giving out water and appples?

Liz J said...

Danny, I'm going to try to respond via e-mail to your question. But I thought it would be good to give a bit of a response here as well.
Honestly, I don't know the long-term effect of giving water and apples to the people we meet at the park. That is kind of secondary. We (as a small group) are making a conscious effort to reach out to (or "serve" might be a better word) our community. We made a vague focus on homeless people and in the process of offering water and apples or donuts or whatever we offer ourselves as well. If they want to talk, we're there to listen. If they want to help us offer up what we have, they can. We are just trying to be vessels of God blowing whichever way He desires. I hope that answers your question.

Danny said...

Yeah that pretty much answers my questions somewhat. It tells me that you are going out and handing out stuff to the homeless. You suggested that God wants you to do it. The question that I was really trying to get at is, "Why does God want you to do it?" What is the overall purpose behind it?

Liz J said...

Sometimes, I think God tells us to do things without telling us exactly why or what the result will be. That is one of the ways we exercise our faith. I believe that one purpose could be that we are bringing Jesus to these people. By serving them , we are able to represent Jesus and hope that they (someday, if not today) recognize Him and follow Him.