16 May 2005

No agenda

I'm going to try to do a bit of stream-of-consciousness writing. I wanted to blog about something to day but had no idea what to write about. Sometimes I want to write about really deep things in a uber-intelligent way and I end up sounding stupid. Other times I just start writing random thoughts and amazing revelations come out of my head. Weird. So, today I went for a walk. About 20-feet away from my house, I thought, "I should go back in and grab a pair of sunglasses." But I didn't and I should have. My walk might have been much more enjoyable. It was pretty windy and a couple of times something blew into my eye, but that's not the reason I wanted my sunglasses. The sidewalk was so white it was nearly blinding. See, i have extraordinarily sensitive eyes (to bright lights). I brought a walkman with me too (not an MP3 player, but an actually cassette-playing, walkman). I turned it onto a radio station, but that didn't make the walk much better. I tried to sing along a bit while I was walking, but the songs were kind of bleh.
So, what's the deal with dogs always barking when strangers (especially mail-persons and delivery persons) come up to the door? I can imagine the thought-process behind it-uninvited person walks up to the door, but never comes in, but can they ever learn? I guess I will probably just have to wait until my dog goes deaf and hope the other senses don't recognize the stranger walking up to the door. It is frustrating...
Well, I'll sign off now. I have a wonderful day of watching TV that I'm not really interested in, putting off cleaning, maybe a bit of book-reading in there, and dinner with my sister and her family tonight. If you are in the Santa Rosa area, you should go to Chevy's tonight and be sure to ask your server to save a copy of your bill for the "Hope for Cambodia" Fund (Chevy's will donate 20% of your bill to our mission trip) but they'll only save it if you ask them. Rock on!

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