09 June 2005

How to Pack...

...for a God-trip.

I expect to do a lot of packing within the next couple months as I will be traveling quite a bit. And the thought crossed my mind, what would I pack if I were going to spend some time with God. If I was going to mark time out to be with God on purpose. Here are some of the things I came up with. Bear in mind, I was trying to connect the actual item with what I would pack in my suitcase for a regular trip.

Guide Book/Map * the Bible (you can also bring devotional books, etc to supplement)

Q-Tips * to clean out my ears so I can hear God

Nice clothes * Romans 13:13-15 (AMP) says to clothe ourselves in Christ. We need to put away other things that might distract us, and put on an attitude of devotion.

Soap * Jesus' Blood --- although you don't have to take communion when spending time with God, it is important to understand and recognize the sacrifice Jesus made.

Camera * Journal --- In the same way you take snapshots of your vacation in order to remember the experiences you had and the places you saw, you should also write down or record some of your experiences with God. You will find that in the future you can go back and look at revelations you may have had, questions or prayers that may have been answered, and just how far you and your relationship has come since you started (or last you wrote).

A CD/MP3 player * Bring an attitude of worship (as much as I hate using music as the definition of worship, people relate to it so easily).

Pillow * Get comfortable, stay up all night and chat or draw or just be in the same place as God.

What do you (suggest to) bring on a "God-trip?" What should you leave behind? I'd love to hear what things I've missed, or what you think.


Flip said...

Creative Post Liz! I didn't want to just leave a comment though without thinking of an item since you asked folks what they would bring...I had to really think though...Ok and I did finally think of something.

Not sure if this fits along with your list but how about a:
Passport & VISAS * So you could travel with God anyplace that he chooses for the two of you to go?

Maryellen said...

when we go out for coffee, the LORD and I, I always bring my guide book and camera (bible and journal) but for an extended trip, don't forget the "bug" spray to keep away those distracting pests...ie the fiery darts mentioned in Ephesians, those "stings" can be quite bothersome.

Danny said...

This is a very important reminder to me that we all sometimes need to just get away from the "darts" and come to a place where we can worship God in solitude. It was one of the most neglected areas in Christianity.