23 October 2005

Liz Needs...

I thought this was pretty hilarious! Following is the top ten list of Liz needs according to Google. I, of course did not think this up on my own, but copied from another blog. I hope you find it just as funny.

My comments are in blue italics.

1. Liz needs a MAN! Hmm. Come to think of it...
2. Liz needs to put a lid on it! Nah!
3. Liz needs catchy slogan I've always liked "Liz is always right."
4. Liz needs to devise a budget and stick to it. Sho 'nuf.
5. liz needs to be laundered I bathed this morning. What more do you want?
6. Liz needs to be taught a few things about fire safety Really?
7. Liz Needs One More Taste Of Her Liz's Oozing Pastry There are no words...
8. liz needs to mine her own business "I can't mine other people's businesses?"
9. Liz needs help, but she doesn't want to involve the police. Always...
10. LIZ needs teeth Wow! That reminds me of the dream I had last night. Four of my teeth fell out. I was mortified. I've had dreams like that before. They are my least favorite dreams. Weird...

What do you think I need the most?


Gina said...

Liz, this was way too much fun.
1. Gina needs a makeover (hey, this game is not fun anymore)
2. Gina needs a home (what's going on, did I do this wrong?)
3. Gina needs a security briefing (the CIA just showed up, I knew I was doing this wrong)
4. Gina needs to receive payment by June 18 (yeah. That's what I'm talking aboug. Now, I like this game. Pay up.)
5. Gina needs to get some dick before she rips somebody's head off (well, of course. That's my problem. I knew it all along.)
6. Gina needs a xanax prescription soon (aaahyeahh. Now we're talkin.)
7. Gina needs to abandon beginning sentences with "Presently ..." (that's my new favorite word)
8. Gina needs it more than me (doubt it)
9. Gina needs your help and the judge needs to hear from YOU! (judge Judy, that is)
10. Gina needs to keep her head clear (um, no problems there...)

Crissi said...

Ok, I really only got 3, believe it or not...

1. Crissi needs to do sprints in track. (cuz y'all see me running all the time, right?)

2. Crissi needs a new computer. (no argument here! How about her OWN computer?)

3. Crissi needs a real man. (amen! That's what I'm talking about!)

But if I type in "Crissi is"...
1. Crissi is super schway (right?)
2. ...contact me when Crissi is 18 (um, why?)
3. Crissi is actually Howie Dirks. (what?!?
4. crissi is a money ironer. (huh? maybe if I had money!)
5. crissi is in 3128th place. (in the words of Napoleon, yesssss)
6. Crissi is jus the sweetest person on the planet (aw, thanks!)
7. you can say dat Crissi is duh SH*T wen it comes to DANCING & purdy FLiRTACIOUS wen it comes to a H0TT GUY (Sorry, I don't know that language, I speak proper english.)
8. Crissi is da bomb! (Yeah!)
9. Crissi is slowing down a bit but still likes to go ... (I try to make it to the toilet if I get there in time)
10. Crissi is home (Yes, I am)

Jeremy said...

I've taken my name out as I'm trying to remain anonymous, but here goes...

1- Me needs a committed family able to give him the attention, affection,..
2- Me needs a one or two parent home with or without children (sounds peaceful!)
3- Me Needs a Family He Can Count On (thats all of us)
4- Me needs to go to SBC with the contract to get check taken care of (depends what SBC is!!)
5- Me needs to destroy heavy-hitting kickers with ease
6- When Me needs answers to questions he usually visits his local library (or google, whichever's accessible via one click)
7- Ron Me needs your help (whoops thats a clue!!)
8- Me needs to synchronize the flow of content (sounds too much like my work)
9- If Me needs more to do with his spare time , perhaps a page on each open-area might not be a bad idea! (whatever...)
10- Regardless of how busy he is, Me needs to eat (yes, yes, and yes)

Crissi said...

Liz needs a new blog entry. ;-)

Jenny Jorg said...

"Jenny needs to find herself a baller. if only he was a little bit taller."

that's my favorite one. It sounds like the beginning to a horrible rap song, the kind where you want to never listen to music again because it's so bad.


Flip said...

I love it Liz - I like the Liz needs teeth.

Anonymous said...

I particularly like # 3 ...and totally agree with what you came up with

- Another Liz

Liz said...

Hi Liz!

I googled "Liz needs" in response to a friend's request on Facebook and ended up on your blog. Crazy thing is that you have the same first name, same blog background AND it seems to me by the "bible study" comment that you too are a Christ follower. So I thought I'd say hi to a sister! Although I think this I need thing is a tad confusing and overrated.

Liz said...

This is really funny. A friend from my Bible study sent me on a google chase to do the same list and google sent me to your blog. So hello fellow sister in Christ! Looks like we'll have a lot of Lizs in heaven. And hopefully we'll get those men and teeth first. I am very intrigued by the idea of an oozing liz pastry. I hope it is a real pastry somewhere and not a gross euphemism.