03 April 2011

#3 Because Their Story Must Be Told

25 Reasons Why I’m Going Silent on April 25
There is a note at the beginning of my April 1st post to give a tiny bit of background to this series. 
I know, people being silent, doesn’t seem like a very good way to spread the word. In fact, it actually seems quite apathetic. But the power behind 25 hours of silence isn’t only in the actual silence. It’s in the before and after. It’s in the unspoken interactions. As a participant of Invisible Children’s “25” campaign on April 25, I am not only committing to spend 25 hours without speaking. I am committing to tell everyone I know what I am doing and why I think it is important. Hence, these blog posts. One thing Invisible Children has resourced participants with is a set of little cards to give out the day of the event to help explain to people what we are doing.

I don’t recall if the organizers have made this comparison, but I think one of the reasons we will go silent, is in solidarity with those who are silenced by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and those whose pleas for help are not heard by the world. I wonder how many of you had ever even heard about the LRA before you read this? Western media has failed to give this tragedy much attention. It is only by the efforts of those passionate to make change that any of their stories are shared.

One of my favorite things about Invisible Children is that they strive to make the issue personal and relevant. Each face in their movies and videos has a story. Each child in their educational programs has a story. Each person who has been victimized and killed by the LRA has a story. It’s the stories that allow us to feel like we can and should do something.

One of their earlier campaigns is called the “Bracelet Campaign.” Through the Bracelet Campaign, you can help fuel the Ugandan economy and support Invisible Children by purchasing handmade Acholi bracelets in a variety of colors. Each different color represents a person with a story. And their story is told on a dvd that accompanies your bracelet.

Invisible Children is devoted to stories. And the story isn’t over. We can be a part of their story. We can help bring hope and redemption to their stories, by supporting Invisible Children in their efforts to end the terror created by the LRA. I hope you will join me. 
If you would like to find out more about Invisible Children and the “25” campaign, go to www.invisiblechildren.com. You can CLICK HERE to go to my fundraising page.

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