04 April 2011

#4 Because of a Few Ordinary Guys with Extraordinary Passion

25 Reasons Why I’m Going Silent on April 25 

There is a note at the beginning of my April 1st post to give a tiny bit of background to this series.

Jason Russell. Laren Poole. Bobby Bailey. In 2003, they were three guys (who fancied themselves “filmmakers”) fresh out of college, looking for a story and an adventure. They found both. And it lasted much longer than they expected. In fact, the story is still unfolding and the adventure develops and changes all the time. If these three ordinary guys had not taken on the unknown as they traveled to Africa in 2003—the same day as the start of our war with Iraq; two days before I traveled to Europe with a friend of mine—I would probably still know nothing and do nothing for the people of Northern Uganda, D.R. Congo and other parts of Africa that live in constant fear of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). It is because of their passion to share the atrocities they witnessed and their determination to bring an end to the terror Joseph Kony (leader of the LRA) is inflicting, that thousands (perhaps hundreds of thousands or more—I haven’t checked the numbers) who would otherwise be ignorant of this, know and care. Their passion and determination is contagious. The creativity that they, and their staff, and their supporters display is inspiring. Who knew there were so many ways to bring attention, to raise money and to respond to something that just yanks on your heartstrings? Their passion led them so far as to stand in the office of the President as he signed a bill into law, promising support from the U.S. government to end the terror of the LRA. (Their goal, now, is to see that resolution come to fruition, as necessary.) I know they will not stop until the terror and the fear ends. And I fully support them. I trust that they won’t give up, just as their friends in Africa trust the same thing. I am inspired by their commitment, their drive and their unfailing love for a people so far away.
If you would like to find out more about Invisible Children and the “25” campaign, go to www.invisiblechildren.com. You can CLICK HERE to go to my fundraising page.

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