31 August 2005

Jobs & Generosity


A week ago, I got a temp job. And two days ago I told them that tomorrow (Thursday) would be my last day because I got hired elsewhere. This will have been my shortest job ever. It was weird though, because I still felt anxious giving notice even though it was understood that it was a temp job and my boss knew that I was looking for another job. Now, onto the other job... Starting Tuesday, I will be the Church Secretary for Hope Chapel in Santa Rosa. Since November I have been attending their Saturday night services, going to a Friday night Bible Study there, and making friends up the yin yang. Not to mention, I was a part of their second mission trip to Cambodia this summer. I am super excited. Before I went for my interview, I prayed that if this is where God wants me to be that He would make it so, and if He had really intended something else for me, that He would close this door. So, it seems that this is what God wants me to do, now I just get to wait and see what else He has planned in this. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I am kind of expecting God to stretch me sometime soon. So, I guess I am just waiting in anticipation.


A couple of days ago, I was talking to my friend Jana about how I really enjoy being generous, but it was hard when I wasn't working, because I didn't have as much money. This morning a thought ran through my head, saying, "Stupid. You don't have to have money to be generous." I couldn't believe that I had forgotten so easily. EVERY time I return from a missions trip, one of the biggest things I notice and share is about how the people we meet have so little, but give so much. These people probably don't even have 1% of the wealth I have (and I would not consider myself wealthy at all) but they give and give and give everything they are able. Time, money, energy, blessings. I am the one who makes a big show of giving bags of gold, while they are the woman who quietly gives her last coin and nobody notices or cares.

God, teach me a lesson in sacrificial giving. True generosity. Something that doesn't need to be acknowledged and something that will stretch my faith. I love you, LORD, and I trust you.


Darla said...

yay! for the job. you can be like Jenny now. hey, Liz I was wondering what your email is cuz today is my last day in SR. and i want to email people updates while in Redding. mine is DaMaGe113@aol.com. peace out Darla

Jenny Jorg said...

I'm so happy a cool person like you got the job. I'll tell you this much...you definitely grow by working there! It took me forever to learn how to loosed up. ay yi yi. Sometimes you'll hate it (when doing bulk mails) and sometimes you'll love it (when you get to design something).

Generosity is always a hard thing! You think you're doing great and then you get slapped in the face (gently) with the reality that you're not as generous as you thought.