25 December 2005

From Jana

Below is an autobigraphical story that Jana gave to me as part of my Christmas present. I present it to you unedited and without comment (except this: Jana Rocks!). Enjoy.

Watch Out, Crime…

Stepping over a Little Debbie Snack Cake wrapper and a discarded pack of Camels, I charge down the hall and stick the key into my mailbox. Peering out at me from the other side is something from Liz. I wind up the staircase, tearing into the envelope between my hands full of keys and cell phone and bus pass. I grin, then laugh out loud at the group of girls from Bible study posed on a fire engine.
Most of the mail that has come to my Turk Street mailbox has been from Liz. But then, I muse, that makes sense, seeing as how she is my best friend. Sending cards to people was typically Liz. Also typically Liz was the idea to make the cards in the first place. “It’s perfect!” she’d explained. We all looked fabulous and were all wearing red and green; a strange coincidence for a fall day.
As I unlocked the double bolt, to my apartment, my thoughts trailed back to that fun day. Liz had invited me weeks beforehand to join her church’s September
11th commemoration day, and I had looked forward to it since. Though she had been coming to my church for nearly a year now, I had not yet made the southern trek to Hillside.
I had joined her in the makeshift folding chair pews and we greeted one another warmly, as though it had been months since our last meeting. In fact, we
had just seen each other the night before at Hope Chapel. I was not disappointed in the service, and I couldn’t help but think how my friend’s heart must have come being soaked in this church surrounding. Later on in the day, we had sat down with our pot-luck laden plates beside Aimee’s mom. After a little small talk, she had asked, “How do you know Liz?”
I thought on that as I chewed my Veggieburger, and swallowed as I gave my reply. “We met at work.” Liz took over the explanation at that point, and I took another bite, smiling at our conspiracy to answer the phones, “Transworld Systems, what’s your favorite color?”
That, of course, was the least of the good times had by Liz and Jana, the most dynamic of all duos. It had all begun one day nearly a year beforehand, when my endless requests for “something to do” had gotten me sent to the department next door. Between un-stapling and re-stapling client contracts, I discussed my upcoming trip to France with the unfamiliar co-workers around me. Liz and I chatted happily as two who knew the magical experience that Europe can bring.
From then on, work became a pleasant an experience for me. I was always curious what fun accessories Liz might be wearing for the day, whether we’d be sharing lunch together in the breakroom, or who would be the first to e-mail the other. And whenever we both had a free evening there was always the chance to catch a movie or do some window-shopping together.
Of course, I didn’t explain all of this to Aimee’s mom. Not only was my mouth too full, but I didn’t think words could really sum up our friendship. Perhaps, I thought, it just shows.
That was a great day. A great idea, I repeat to myself as I tack the festive card onto my bulletin board. A great friend. God sure knew what we needed!
Yes, meeting at Transworld was just the beginning. Many wonderful memories would follow. Sleepovers and retreats. Movies and parties. Bibles studies and home groups. Tear gas and volcanoes. Mademoiselle Incroyable and Bomb Voyage. The dynamic duo.


Jenny Jorg said...

Aww that's so cool. I'm glad you guys are so close. No one would ever have assumed that you met at work or had only know each other for a short time.

Separate you guys are awesome, but together you are AMAZING!!

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