14 December 2005


Dear Friends,

Casa Grande High School students lost four classmates in a car accident yesterday afternoon. I drove past the wreckage about half an hour to an hour after it happened. I instantly knew, as I was driving pas,t that it was a very serious accident. And I could just feel that young people were involved. By the time I was driving past, there were at least four fire trucks, a couple of ambulances, several CHP vehicles and two REACH helicopters were landing or just landed. They had removed the top of the car by that point. No names have been released, but they say the female driver and a male passenger in the backseat died upon or soon following impact and two others died while being treated at the hospitals. The other two passengers are still in critical conditon.

Please take time to pray for the two who are still fighting to survive, the families of all the victims and their friends and fellow classmates. When I was a freshman in high school, two accidents in one weekend took the lives of three young people I had known and although I wasn't close at the time with any of them, it was very traumatic.

Please also pray for the driver of the truck that hit the car. CHP says that he had no way to avoid the accident, but I know that such an experience cannot be easily brushed aside.

Click here to read the Press Democrat coverage of this story.

God, we don't know why these young people are taken away. But we do know that you have a perfect plan, always. Please guide, comfort, protect, strengthen, instruct, support and love the families, friends, teachers and classmates of all involved. They need you now more than I can imagine. I pray that all eyes, ears and hearts would be open to you, Jesus. Be the strong tower.
In Jesus' Name,

God bless you all!


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