16 December 2005

I'm an Auntie (AGAIN)

My mom just called to tell me that the newest addition to our family is Elijah Marlin (my dad's name is Marlin). He was born this morning at 10:40AM in Pensacola, Florida. He was 8lbs., 15.8oz (I thought he was going to be bigger). I had a feeling it was going to be a boy. They didn't know until this morning. Elijah is number 7 for nieces and nephews and he is the 3rd boy. My brother, Ben, and his wife, Lisa, have two daughters: Tara & Lonnece. My sister, Heidi, and her husband, James, now have two boys and a girl: Samuel, Bethany, and Elijah. And my sister, Kathryn, has a daughter, Cheyanne (from her first marriage), and with her husband, Paul, has a son: Dylan. Dylan was born November1st of this year and I get to babysit him tomorrow night.
Kathryn lives just a few blocks away with her family, but all the rest of my family lives far away. Ben lives near Portland, Oregon, and Heidi lives in Alabama, across the border from Pensacola, Florida. But their next station (her husband is in the Coast Guard) is going to be Point Reyes, so they will live nearby again next spring or summer. It will be nice to have more nieces and nephews around. And I think they will all be excited to play together.
My brother and his family will be visiting this weekend. So we get to have Christmas early! Woohoo! My mom is flying to Pensacola right before New Year's to see her newest grandson and to help my sister out while James is at school.
Ok, well, I don't have any pictures of Elijah yet, but I'm trying to load a picture of Dylan from the day he was born (about 6 weeks ago). Isn't his aunt awesome?

Paul, Kathryn, Cheyanne & Dylan

I hope to have pictures of Elijah soon. My sister is usually good about sending out pictures (but, this is baby number 3).

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Maryellen said...

blessings on the new babies, Christmas is such a wonderful time to have new babies around, and family! Elijah is a good name... my grandson is an Elijah. My grandchildren call me Meenee, but my neices and nephews, who are now all grown up with kids of their own, call me Aunt Puff...long story.