10 February 2005


I have this insane urge to post everyday, but today has been very full and I haven't had much time to really create a "regular" post, so you will just have to take what you can get.
My mom and I started my sister's wedding album tonight (she got married last August), so maybe it will be done by the end of the year...maybe sooner...you never know.
I did get a chance to do my daily Bible reading. And I have to say that what Thomas wrote about today really stuck out to me as well. "An unknown God." It kind of makes me think of the people who say, "I believe in a 'greater power,' but I don't really believe in your God thing." The thing is they are getting there.
My fast is going...well. I haven't noticed any significant changes, yet. I am doing my best to talk and, more importantly, listen to God. Not much to report really. (Maybe He's reminding me to be patient...) Also, it hasn't really been a struggle--I do recall that the one time I fasted from food (30 Hour Famine), the beginning was pretty easy, it was the last few hours when I was really tempted. Those little communion wafers were looking REAL good with only two hours left.
Well, I need to get some shut eye. I'll see most of you tomorrow night, I guess. Sorry, to those of you who don't speak French...the dates are French because I like it. Good night and thanks for checkin in on me.

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