03 February 2005

Who gets the credit?

First of all, I would like to ask for prayers. I made a Worker's Comp claim today, because I have had pain in my neck, shoulders and arms due to repetitive movement and a work station that is very poorly set-up ergonomically speaking. I went to see a doctor and he prescribed Ibuprofen three-times a day and told me to take the rest of the week off work, to relieve the tension. I had been finding myself asking God to take away the pain that I had, but I didn't feel like I really got an answer. So, last night, as I was trying to go to sleep, and the pain was still there, I decided that I was finally going to tell my boss. I've already seen several co-workers wait a long time and then the injury got so bad that they couldn't work. (One has been on disability for over a year now and still has pain). I wasn't going to let my pain get that far. So, I went it and told my supervisor, that I'd been having pain...I told her "I'm having aches and pains that 23-year-olds just shouldn't have." She referred me to our Human Resources person, who submitted a workmen's comp claim. Please pray for me as I take this weekend to rest...and rejuvenate. At the doctor's office I realized that maybe it wasn't in God's plan for the pain to go away in a flash...maybe he is using medicine to alleviate it, and maybe he is using this time off to force me to take some Sabbath time.

Waiting to see the doctor, I did have the time to do my daily reading, and to react to some of it.

Here it is:

The minute Peter came through the door, Cornelius was up on his feet greeting him-and then down on his face worshiping him! Peter pulled him up and said, "None of that-I am a man and only a man no different from you."
Acts 10: 25, 26

So, what would I do in Peter's place? Would I say, "No. Get up! You are being ridiculous! There is absolutely no reason to worship me." Or would I let my want of attention get the better of me and say, "Oh, I know...I am the greatest, aren't I?" I am afraid, in reality, I would probably be somewhere in the middle (isn't that always how it is?).
Remember in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when one of the kids (I forget which) is doing something stupid, and selfish, and Willy Wonka says "No....don't....stop..." Or something to that effect. He kind of says it because he has to, but it is totally obvious that he doesn't mean it. I'm afraid that is where I would probably be. I would understand that I don't deserve the praise, but I would feel so validated or encouraged to hear it. I crave the attention. I would forget that God calls us to live humbly and to give Him all the glory. I expect that even if I wasn't outwardly expressing joy in the attention, inwardly I would be overjoyed to receive it.
I need to remember that even in the small things, I should recognize God's work. That gorgeous photograph that I took-wrong! It was God. The kind work I offered that encouraged a friend-not me! God. The hilarious joke I told, and everyone laughed (okay three...two people laughed) - that wasn't me either. Guess who? God. I need to remember to give Him the glory in EVERYTHING!

Lord, you alone make everything right-everything better-everything I do is because of you. Remind me to give you the glory-and don't let it be half-hearted when I do. I thank you for the abilities you have entrusted in me. Let me always give you your due credit.


Gina said...

I can't wait for the new Willy Wonka movie to come out with Johnny Dep!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This your commentary on Peter really made me think, now I'm going to have to start watching myself 'cause I think sometimes I get caught up in people praising me, thanks for the insight.