14 March 2005


I've been blessed to be able to hang out with my sister and her kids the last few days. It's been great. They live in Oregon, so we don't see each other very often. Each time my niece and nephew come to visit they get a little more comfortable around me. And I get to see them all day since I am not working.
They are moving to Florida soon and my sister suggested that I come and help her in a nanny-type position. I'm not really sure if she was joking or not. Please pray with me about this.
On another note, my friend, Sara, called me today to tell me she is engaged. I was slightly surprised. I'm excited for her, but I realize more and more how young we are and what a big commitment marriage is. Her fiance is a great guy. I pray that they have a blessed marriage. I felt very good that she made a special point to call me so that I wouldn't hear the news from some other person. I get to spend Friday night with her and her fiance, my best friend, Melinda, and Melinda's roommate when we go to see Singing in the Rain. I'm looking forward to it.
Well, TTFN (Ta Ta For Now).
Lord, Guide me. I ask for that a lot and it's more of a reminder to me than a request to you. Thank you for your consistency.

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Thomas Costello said...

that is a huge decision I will be praying for you about. keep it real liz, we'll miss you this week.