07 March 2005


I am several days behind in my Daily Bible Reading and I need to catch up. Not because I feel obligated but because I really enjoy it and I know that what I read and learn draws me closer to God.
I thought that I would get so much more done when I quit my job, but the things I've done more of is sleep and watch TV. I really do need some sort of structure. I'm having a friend come over tomorrow to help me clean and organize a room for when my sister and her family come visit this week. She will keep me motivated. I've intended to clean it for weeks, but procrastinate. That should be my middle name sometimes.
I hope not to procrastinate in whatever is next for me in my life, be it a new career, back to school or a little bit of both. I did send out my resume to two Interior Design companies that need administrative assistants. I hope to hear back from them. I expect that it would a great experience to work in that field. Even if it is an assistant job to begin with, I will become familiar with the field and be able to develop contacts within the industry.
I've gotta go get some shut-eye, but before that I'm gonna go grab my Bible and catch up a bit on my reading. Good night y'all!!!

Lord, Guide me away from procrastination. Guide me to what is next and let me do my best to YOUR glory.

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