12 March 2005


Tribe tonight was pretty great. I might even call it awesome. It was such a blessing to hear how we all bless each other. I think I needed it. I feel a little more like I fit. Satan couldn't get into that party. I like that the enthusiasm and love at Tribe is contagious.
Does anybody else out there get those moments of clarity, where you are just dumbfounded as to why you don't remember it all the time? Let me give my example. I am realizing for probably the 85708256576578462837657234th time that my purpose in life is to LOVE GOD, LOVE OTHERS and LEAD THEM to that same understanding. How much money we make, what house we live in, the car we drive only matters if we use it to back up that purpose. I keep coming back to this place of reliance on God. Why do I keep trying to get comfortable? I'm only here for a short time. I need to live life relying on God. Why do we let it become so difficult and confusing?
God, I'm back. I want to rely on You. Is there anyway to make this process smoother? Will I eventually quit taking detours--going the long way around? Guide me to Your perfect will. Let's make this a "trust walk." I'll put on the blindfold and you lead me around. Tell me when there is something I might run into--A stairway, a door. Guide me, God. And fill me with the faith to listen to You. I love you, Lord. You are EVERYTHING!!!

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