22 September 2005

Break Out the Holy Boldness!

As I have been following the news of Hurricane Rita, I have felt so powerless and fearful for those who are in it's path. Today, I started praying: Lord, spare your children. It seems like such an inevitable, horrible tragedy.

But then I remembered this--Moses reasoned with God. When God got upset with the Israelites, Moses boldly talked GOD out of punishing them to the extent he wanted to. And, I too, can approach God with this HOLY BOLDNESS. I can ask God to do something miraculous. I can ask God to calm the winds, turn the storm or simply take it away, off the radar, as though it never even existed. I urge you to come to God with all the boldness you can muster. He WILL listen to you. And He WILL hear your pleas. God answers his people and He is merciful and just. Remind him of his promises to us.

God, This Hurricane is so frightening! And two hurricanes so forceful, one following another, seems like too much. Please, I beg you, make it go away. Have mercy on the people of this country. Don't just turn it the other way--cause it to disappear. Baffle the meteorologists. Show them your awesome power. And in this time, remind us to keep our eyes on you and not on the wind or the waves or the rain, but on your powerful plan for us. Whatever you do, show us your love and glory and mercy. Help us to respond to it and pass it on to those who don't yet know you. You are mighty and worthy, Lord. Amen.

Will you join me in Holy Boldness?


Crissi said...

Liz, I'm praying right alongside you. And I'm praying for your mission to come. I'm looking forward to the weekend right before you leave, when I get to spend an awesome 3 days with you and everyone else at the Women's conference. Thank you so much for all your blessing you sent my way while I was gone. I read them every time you sent them, and they brought even more sunshine to my days of grace. You've been absolutely wonderful, and I'm so fortunate to have you as my friend. I love you!

Flip said...

Yep - I'm praying too. I need to catch up and read all your posts too!

Maryellen said...

praying of course,
but your title made me smile, recalling an event from days gone by, when the young daughter of my good friend was getting baptized.
Each person was being asked to give a brief testamony before being dunked, and Krista did a wonderful job for such a young child, speaking with confidence and enthusiasm. The pastor prayed that her holy boldness would continue...after the dunking, Krista came out somewhat upset, and whispered to her mommy..."am I really going to go bald?"