20 September 2005

Katrina Relief Update

So much has happened (Wow, my blog title is boring) since I last posted here! So many people responded to the call for clothing and supplies to send to the Gulf Coast. I'm not going to list everything that has happened here. I hope you will go to www.ugo4god.blogspot.com to see what the 6 teams that have already left for the gulf coast have been and are doing. You can even hear audio posts from team members. And check out Jimmy's report from the time he spent there. What is happening is amazing!!!

And, exciting as all that is, I, too am going to New Orleans. I will be flying in on October 4th, and back home on the 11th. I'm one of a team of 8 (so far). I am really looking forward to it. I know that it won't be anything like any other mission trip I've ever experienced. And honestly, I don't know what to expect. I don't know what we will be doing. We just intend to go and help in whatever ways are needed. The group I am going with is pretty awesome. I am looking forward to growing closer to them and to God in the process.

Currently, there are a couple of teams from Hope Chapel in and around (or heading to and from) New Orleans. Please pray for them as they travel and serve.
Pray for Jay & Hal from Oakland (drive team); Crissi, Gary & Nancy from Santa Rosa (drive team); Marcus from Windsor driving to the gulf with supplies and then working for 6 weeks there), Patti, Maryann, Mark, Carrie, Sandie and Gina Dee from Santa Rosa (flew into Baton Rouge today).

Help Bring Hope to the Gulf Coast.

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Natalie and Jeremy said...


You and I are really on the same page. I also feel a desperation to get help (and the kind they really need!) to our "family" on the gulf coast.

Keep up the good work (you were such a blessing to Lori) and I can't wait to serve side by side with you in a couple weeks!


PS A friend of mine from school is answering the call (not a believer) and coming with us. Pray! :)