26 September 2005

Eye Of The Storm

You have to read this.

This is the account of a journalist who has been covering Hurricane Katrina. Most of his blog is photos, but this is straight from him. This is why I am going. The people he talks about are living miracles. Can you even imagine?


Crissi said...

I checked this out, and spent a good long time reading his blog. Some of the places he showed pictures of we also saw, as we spent awhile over in east Biloxi. I actually stood outside right where they showed this one Vietnamese fisherman's "house", or at least the land where his house used to be. It's pretty traumatic to think about, especially when you put it in terms of your own house and belongings being destroyed. Good find.

Flip said...

Wow - I spent a long time looking through hig blog. Amazing. The devastation is huge and my fear is that as we hear less on the news - people in America will begin to forget while the hardship continues. My brother-in-law's brother lost his house, car, and all their stuff. But he still has his family. The next part is looking for a new job - his job washed away in the hurricane. THese people need our continued support and prayers.

Crissi said...

This past weekend was amazing with you at the women's retreat! I enjoyed getting to hang out with you, and getting our toes prettied up together!

Now that you are embarking on a new adventure for God, I am thinking of you and praying for you. Liz, you are capable of many great things, and I see the Lord at work when I am around you. I know it is His will to have you there to be of help and to give faith where faith might be lacking. God bless, and be safe!