06 September 2005

Helping bring Hope to the Gulf Coast

This is an e-mail I was compelled to send to my friends a few minutes ago.

Dear friends,

What were your thoughts after you heard or saw the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina? Initially I wasn't very phased by the tragedy (and I'm not sure why), but as the days passed and the situation really started to sink in, I realized that this was really bad and I could not sit by and watch it happen. Of course, nobody could have prevented this, but all of us can do something to help rebuild and restore lives devastated by the storm.

A few days ago, I was excited to hear that a group from Hope Chapel (check out www.ugo4god.com) would leave today to, not only offer relief supplies and any help and support they can give, but they would also bring an RV to provide a home and a base for a pastor's family who lost their home.

"So," you say, "that's awesome! But how can I help?"

Let me tell you some awesome ways to help (there is something for everyone):

1. GO
If you are able, find a way to go and help. There will be more teams from Hope Chapel heading to help (go to www.ugo4god.com for more info on how to get involved in that). Or partner with another relief organization such as the Red Cross.

Money --- Donate money, if you are able, to this relief effort (besides supplies, they must purchase gas and return plane tickets home -- you can send or bring checks to Hope Chapel at 4983 Sonoma Hwy Ste D, Santa Rosa, CA 95409) or others you are connected to, such as through your church or the Red Cross. Please be careful to give to charities you know are legit, as there are many who will take advantage of the generosity of others for their own profit.
Clothes or other supplies --- Thousands upon thousands of people have been left with NOTHING! So many of the things we take for granted are needed by these people. If you have clothes or other supplies to donate and live in Sonoma County, contact me and I will make arrangements to get them to the Hurricane Relief Team. My sister (who lives in Alabama and has been doing laundry for hurricane refugees in her town) tells me that they are especially in need of maternity clothes, diapers and other items that may not come to mind right away, such as adult Depends. Check www.ugo4god.com and www.ugo4god.blogspot.com for other items that are needed. Clean out your closets, ask your friends and neighbors for donations. This is easy!

This is the most important thing you can do. Pray for those who lost their homes, those who are treating and feeding and protecting the refugees, and praise God for the help of friends and strangers around the world.

No matter who you are or how much you have, you can do SOMETHING to help!
God bless you!


P.S. Feel free to forward this to friends and family. I know everyone is aware of the need, but not everyone knows how they can help.

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Kristie Allen said...

I feel useless sometimes because I can't go and I can't give. But God recently told me that my job is to pray hard. Sometimes I put praying on the back burner and forget it's importance...but that's my job so I know it's important to God!!! Hugs...I miss you!!!