21 April 2005

Day 12

Point to Ponder: Love the people of the world, but not the values of the world.
Verse to Remember: "Be friendly with everyone. Don't be proud and feel that you are smarter than others. Make friends with ordinary people." Romans 12:16 (CEV)
Question to Consider: Do you have any meaningful friendships with non-believers?
Today's lesson kind of feels like daggers piercing my skin. I have felt convicted lately to talk to and make friends with non-believers. I'm just not sure how. I don't socialize outside of the church now. I feel pretty isolated. Plus, I had an argument with my dad last night and I don't think I was being very Christlike. I want to make amends but I don't want to totally concede to him. Is that possible?
Question to Consider: No. I have in the past, but right now I tend to surround myself with Christians.
Lord, please provide me with opportunities to befriend non-believers. And guide me as I do.

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