18 April 2005

Day 9

Point to Ponder: "We" is more powerful than "me."
Verse to Remember: "...you are working together and struggling side-by-side to get others to believe the good news." Philippians 1:27b (CEV)
Question to Consider: Which of your friends and family members can your small group begin praying for?
"Reach one more for Jesus." These words remind me that it is an individual that I am trying to reach. If we are trying to direct someone to a personal relationship with Jesus, we need to model a personal relationship with them. And that cannot be done over a microphone in a huge stadium, but over coffee, or sometimes over the telephone, etc.
I am encouraged that even in Philippians they "struggled" -- so, it's not just me!
Question to Consider: Serena, my Dad.
Lord, lead me to those you want me to speak to. And remind me that I am not alone in my journey.

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