25 April 2005


Just a quick post to say (to you AND me) that I have not abandoned the blogging world. I have just had a very full couple of days. But I am really excited about a new habit I am picking up. For the last three days (and I intend to continue this daily) I have taken up walking. As in going for walks. Saturday I went with my mom and a friend, Megan. And Sunday I went with my sister, Kathryn, my niece, Cheyanne, and the dog, Tres, and today I braved it alone. It is so refreshing, I'm not sure what kept me from it before. I will try to keep you posted.

P.S. Does anybody else think it is silly that "blogging" and "blogger" are not words in the blogger spellcheck?


Fo Sho said...

Hehe, sweet irony!

Megan E. said...

Hey girl!! We HAVE to go walking again sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl!!!! We HAVE to go walking again sometime soon. It was so fun.